https://docs.google.com/document/d/1ctUTsGT7tcjaVHndDFD81SgU3mYHxKi_RA9YihbM5Ug/edit?usp=sharing All development begin with the Consultation to evaluate and report on existing program capabilities (add-ons, plugins, modules) and analyze any existing issues. What needs to be accomplished? What isn’t working right? Then develop a Strategy: identifying the path of least resistance to achieve objectives. – Use existing site and locate and fix the problems […]


About BFDdesign, Bradford and Web Development BFDdesign’s principle, Bradford combines a strong creative background with 16 years of hands-on e-commerce development experience to provide businesses with function as a powerful resource for the strategic planning, development and continued management of their company’s   support of eCommerce websites. First-hand knowledge of the full development lifecycle gives […]


holy crap this is boring…! Actually, if you are familiar with wordpress – then maybe you get this, and understand how frustrating all of these conflicting issues are (and that time you were hacked…) If not, then the only thing that really matters is that this is incredibly simple, and it works! (period) Bradford is […]


Created and established eCommerce with launch of document delivery application with multiple access levels for a subscription based product strategy delivering information to customers both on screen and in downloadable document form. Built Single-Sign-On application for system integration with 3rd party training materials service.

Chelsea Wine Vault

Developed eCommerce with import/export interface to POS system for loading and updating all product data including inventory management and product attributes for custom search and filtering.

Hayward Enterprises, Inc

Created original eCommerce application for The perfect Puree´ of Napa Valley with custom recipe engine and support for sales based on multiple user groups: direct to consumer, wholesale distributor, and the food and beverage trade professional. Built system integration modules for exporting orders from website and Amazon Marketplace based on payment methods–creating functionality to submit […]

Covenant Wines

Created and established eCommerce with integration to third-party CRM and payment systems; created interface for wine club memberships, discounts and account management with order export to 3rd party fulfillment system; built custom admin utilities to simplify management of Magento’s core CMS functionality.

Cincinnati Preserving Company

Led website through three full development cycles, launching first eCommerce site for company’s Clearbrook Farms brand, integrating online sales and fulfilment with direct-mail catalog operations; Led application redesign and development using Magento Commerce to match rollout of re-branded product packaging with integration between Facebook and recipe engine to connect with consumers at the product level.


order (string | array) – Designates the ascending or descending order of the ‘orderby‘ parameter. Defaults to ‘DESC’. An array can be used for multiple order/orderby sets. ‘ASC‘ – ascending order from lowest to highest values (1, 2, 3; a, b, c). ‘DESC‘ – descending order from highest to lowest values (3, 2, 1; c, […]


After the development and implementation of your website, Bradford has full working knowledge of the application and of the decisions made that went into creating that website. Bradford offers continued support in the role of a product manager, assuming ownership of all aspects of the application environment from hosting to administrative support to developing new […]


Bradford has a proven history of meeting–or exceeding–his clients expectations through the development process as a trusted resource. Consultation: advise on application capabilities and help define priorities based on features and functionality desired within time and budget guidelines. Strategy: gather requirements and define scope of work to communicate expectations of finished website. Creative: provide design […]


BFDdesign’s principle, Bradfordcombines a strong creative background with 16 years of hands-on e-commerce development experience to provide businesses with a powerful resource for the strategic development and the continued management of their company’s website. First-hand knowledge of the full development lifecycle gives Bradford the ability to offer solutions to facilitate an on-time, on-budget launch—advising on […]